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Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Original Illustration, Direct Mail Campaign, PURL Campaign, Supporting Collateral

Industry: Pharmaceutical

The Objective: Essential Pharmaceutical’s product, Custodiol® HTK Solution, flushes out donor kidney, liver, pancreas, and heart before or immediately after removal from the donor's body. We wanted to inform cardiothoracic surgeons and organ transplant specialists of the advantages of this product with a series of case studies.

The First Step: Three case studies were chosen, and to the drawing board we went. Our designer crafted organ illustrations of - a heart, liver, pancreas and kidneys - to play off each case study theme.

The Plan: We decided to use a direct mail piece to tie it all together, but to give it a little flare the campaign would be customized to each person on the mailing list. For example, John Smith MD would have his name addressed on the mailer.

To add a little something extra special, we wanted bring our case study to life! So we left only a small portion of the story on the postcard mailer, and gave the doctors a unique Web address, or personalized URL (PURL), to visit for more information. For example, John Smith's address would be something like this: www.essentialpharmacase.com/JohnSmithMD.

At the site, doctors have the ability to submit their own case studies or request that someone contact them with more product information.

For the campaign, we provided:

• Custom-created illustration
• Variable Data Postcards (VDP)
• Personalized URL pages (PURL)
• Personalized Web page content
• Mail services
• List Management
• Project Management
• Online portal for campaign statistics

The Results: Overall, Essential was surprised and pleased by the increased interest and response from the doctors.

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