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Website Design and Development

There are essentially 4 elements to consider when building a Website: content, visibility, appearance and usability.

Content – content-rich sites allow for better visibility in search engines.

Visibility – keywords, META tags, etc are “hidden” behind pages in your Website; We can program these into your pages for better search engine optimization (SEO).

Appearance – looking for a way to freshen up your Website? A new layout, graphics and / or photos can really make a difference and give your company curb appeal.

Usability – Websites are meant to function a certain way, whether to be informative or to drive users to accomplish something, they need to be user-friendly for your target audience. We create visual site maps to indicate the how pages function with one another, as well as how the user can navigate through the site to find information and get as much out of the user experience as possible.

Once you have outlined all these components, you have to ask yourself how much control you want over the content of your website. Since the creation of blogs and other social media, users have the ability to upload and edit any content they choose. Web pages that we build for you can have two types of functioning: static or dynamic.

Static pages - are informational pages on a Website that must be built by a web programmer or web designer.

Dynamic pages - can be programmed to operate as a content-managed system where users have the ability to upload content by simply logging into the back-end of the website.


During the time I have been working with HG Marketing Group, they have provided LEM Products with excellent support in design services, Website management, print and prepress production. Their work has been a key factor in our ability to promote and sell LEM products. I confidently recommend HG Marketing as a reliable and creative supplier, and as experts in their field.

- Layne Fierle
Sales Manager
LEM Products Inc.

In April 2010, HG Marketing Group merged with Furia Rubel Communications - furiarubel.com
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