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Brand Strategy

How do you want your company to stand out from competitors? Developing a brand is like rebuilding a company from the inside-out – you are defining your company philosophy.

Brand story
Crafting a brand story is identifying the special part of your company. It’s the image that embodies what you are all about. Through story boarding and design, we can give your audience the brand experience you want them to have.

Brand promise
Within your brand story, you want to establish value for your consumer. We can develop this and maintain with strategic planning and execution.

Brand personality / position
Your brand personality leaves an impression. A strong logo design, Website and other branded materials tie everything together. We create consistent, strong messaging that is interwoven with your brand positioning in the marketplace.

Logo development

A logo is just a piece of your brand. We do more than just develop logos, we develop a company promise.

In April 2010, HG Marketing Group merged with Furia Rubel Communications - furiarubel.com
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